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Unique accommodation in Nivala

We combined the best of cottage and hotel accommodation to create HotelOmaBox - a private building that offers the privacy and peace of a cottage. Like a hotel, the service includes familiar amenities such as housekeeping and linen and towels.

Experience the peace and privacy of Hotel OmaBox in Nivala - book your OmaBox suite with private sauna

OmaBox offers a unique accommodation experience in the heart of Nivala, where each suite is its own individual building. With us you will enjoy the privacy and comfort that will make your stay unforgettable.

Why choose OmaBox Hotel Nivala?

Effortless check-in

Check in anytime you want, with the convenience of a PIN code. Late arrivals are no problem, as your suite will be waiting for you - at any time.

Each suite has its own sauna and kitchen

Imagine an evening at your own pace - heat up the sauna and cook your favourite meal in the fully equipped kitchen.

A peaceful night's sleep

Sleep in the quality beds in your OmaBox suite without worrying about the noise from your neighbours.

Affordable accommodation in Nivala

Prices vary depending on the level of booking and length of stay. Long-term accommodation is available at even lower prices. Visit our booking calendar to check current prices and book the accommodation that best suits your needs.


Activities in the area - Nivala

Hotel OmaBox Nivala is located close to the services of Nivala city centre and next to the Uikko Sports Centre, where you can find a swimming pool, gym and padel hall.


You can also exercise at Strongs fitness centre, located in Nivala’s city centre, which offers a wide range of group exercise classes and a fully equipped gym where you can work out on your own or under supervision.


In Nivala you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and find things to do for all ages. Surrounded by nature, the pearl of the plains offers a wide range of services and organises events for both culture lovers and sporty adventurers. Numerous nature trails with huts invite you to enjoy the great outdoors by hiking, cycling or camping. 


Nivala also has several frisbee golf courses and a golf course, Nivala Region Golf.


For culture lovers, Nivala offers fascinating sites such as the Kyösti and Kalervo Kallio Museum and the Katvala Peasant Museum. And for families and the adventurous, there is Crazyland, which offers fun activities and games for all ages.


Hotel OmaBox Nivala is the perfect base from which you can easily enjoy the many activities Nivala has to offer. 


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